CBD has incredible anti-inflammatory properties to assist the body’s natural healing process. Of course, it can’t cure an injury completely by itself. You’ll likely still need rest, ice, and some form of physical therapy. However, it can assist the process.

Using CBD Transdermal topicals can help runners recover from the following overuse injuries:

  • Plantar fasciitis

A condition affecting the fascia underneath your foot, plantar fasciitis is caused by inflammation. The plantar fascia runs from your heel to mid foot, and supports the stability of your foot. With too much use and tension on the surrounding structures, plantar fasciitis can cause incredible pain with each step.



  • Tendonitis

Tendonitis is the inflammation of any tendon. Most commonly, runners suffer from patellar tendonitis at the knee. Repeated impact forces from running on pavement or the treadmill often place a strain on this delicate structure. Along with ice, rest, and compression, CBD can help reduce the pain associated with this condition.


  • Bone spurs

Bone spurs happen when calcium builds up alongside a bone, most commonly the heel in runners. They’re typically caused by a body’s misguided attempts to heal a strain or tear along the ligaments or bone. As a result of an inflammatory response over long periods of calcium deposits, bone spurs are painful annoyances to any runner.


  • CBD for runners knee

Runner’s knee, also known as IT band syndrome, is a painful condition at the outside of your knee. It’s also caused by inflammation due to repetitive exercise. Runners tend to develop runners knee when poor posture combines with muscular imbalances, resulting in stress on the outer knee. Topical CBD creams can act as pain-relieving aids to treat runner’s knee.


Credit : greathemp.net